Sunday, 23 August 2009

Early Character Designs

Hello and welcome to the new Martyr dev blog. Here we'll be posting out process on the project. The blog layout is still just a base frame and you can expect it to be be updated with more project info.

OK here I'll start with some early character concept art I right after the initial stages of development and experimentations ( I was trying to get a quick idea with these on how the two factions will differ throughout their development.

The Orthodox Police should be highly mechanized, replacing almost completely in later levels their organic bodies with mechanical parts.

The Centrifuge Outcasts basically they're a bunch prisoners turned asteroid miners and mechanics. So I imagine them having their equipment made out of modified mining gear and space suites plus all kinds of scrap and salvage they've managed to find.

Some thoughts on the color palette. I'm still experimenting with those, the initial idea is that the OP will be mostly browns or blacks reminiscent of priest robes, with bright accents of yellow and gold, some orange and red maybe for variation. As for the CO things here are not so clear. What i have for now are dirty blue/greens hinting at work clothing, with few reds and yellows to get this construction worker miner look right. I'm still not sure those work, but well see, we still have to check how all those look and work in the context of the environment.

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