Tuesday, 25 August 2009


CO STB untextured model preview.

In Martyr there will be a variety of AI controlled bots fighting on your side. Some of which you could probably even take temporary control over. So here some initial designs and ideas(nothing fancy just the base generic units):

  • CO STB Salvagetec Bot (mele) - can repair friendly machinery, can salvage scrap for resources, med HP
  • CO GR Gun Runner (ranged) - strafes and circles around target shooting while moving, low HP
  • OP SL Sac. Lamb - Mobile homing bomb

At this stage we've planed on having 2-3 unique AI controlled unit types per faction, plus elite/squad leader version of each type. The elite will probably just have different texture and be buffed a bit in size. Some attachments might be possible to, just to differentiate better the silhouette from the rest. 

Here's the old bot Stoiko made initially and I temporary nicknamed the OP Cherub. This one will probably be slightly tweaked and adapted to be the base OP ranged unit. It will be with its ceramic armour plating I imagine sturdier than the the CO equivalent but a bit less agile.

CO CHB model preview.(texture should be updated to match the new syle and colors)

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  1. WOW!!!....outrageous bro...really love ur stroke, concept and direction....