Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Heavy Armour/Weapons Characters

Here are two examples of the possible look and feel of some higher level, heavily armored and armed CO and OP characters. As OP characters progress they'll gradually replace most of their parts with mechanical devices, weapons and extensions. The CO on the other hand will mostly rely on heavily modified mining and heavy duty work equipment.


  1. Your Blog is great man! really fun to look at! want to see more.

  2. Cool!


  3. Hey, I am glad you posted a comment over on my blog.... if you had not, I would never of seen this wonderful, fresh concept work. Very loose and accurate with a clarity for materials and design sense..... the best kind of pure concept. Congrats on the sweet looking project, the vision is very tight and I will check in now and then to see progress.

  4. Great job! if I have this I want to add it at my toy collection.

  5. whoa!!!, you had a passion in blogging, thumbs up for your work of love.. Hehe very inspiring ideas,

    anyway I'm william
    mind if I put a link back to you?

    (clickable) ------> Big Suit

  6. Nice you did a great job men kepp it up.